Nowadays, "Customer Satisfaction" is known to be one of the most crucial factors and key indicators in customer loyalty. It reflects customers' likelihood in repurchasing the product or service amongst other choices available in the market. In view of this revenue potential, leading companies are measuring their customer satisfaction level on the core services to sharpen their competitive edge. Yet such survey should be viewed as a long-term customer satisfaction survey, which concentrates on the core services offered to customers.

HKCSC conducted several successful online eSurvey's on Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Research of Internet Banking, Internet Purchasing and Internet Securities Services during the period of March to April 2001, with a total sample size of over 10,000. The eSurvey partners included, Motorola, Market Probe Asia Limited and eCRM Service Limtied. provided an effective online channel of "Biz & Finance" to HKCSC for reaching appropriate survey samples. Such representative samples provided primary research findings significant to Hong Kong Internet Banking, Internet Purchasing and Internet Securities Services.

The eSurvey is conducted on a continuous basis, twice per year and is very customized to each individual company with performance tracking and other indicators reflecting its market competitiveness and directions for future planning.


The strategic aims of the eSurvey are to:
Identify and evaluate the critical factors influencing customer acceptance of Internet Banking, Purchasing and Securities in Hong Kong.
Measure and track the performance level of critical service attributes of Internet Banking, Purchasing and Securities Service providers.
Benchmark with the Internet Banking, Purchasing and Securities market sectors for competitiveness assessment to identify areas that are leading or lagging in their respective market.
Highlight the individual company's strengths and weaknesses through respondent customers' experience in using its Internet Banking / Purchasing / Securities service.
Recommend how to strategically improve the Internet Banking, Purchasing and Securities Services to retain customers and increase customer loyalty.

Questionnaire Design

Each questionnaire is specific to the market sector (Banking, Purchasing and Securities)
Part ONE qualifies the survey audience and identifies from which company the customer subscribes the Internet service. The company identified as the primary service provider is the reference usage experience in answering Part TWO questions.
Part TWO consists of high impact questions relating to the company's service acceptance, satisfaction and loyalty outcomes on the categories.
•. Part THREE asks for an open-ended question as well as the demographic information about the respondents.

Research Cost

Order one report (November 2001) at HK$20,000 for each industryreport
Order one report (April 2001) at HK$15,000 for each report
Order BOTH report (April 2001 & November 2001) at HK$30,000 for each report
Participate in 2002 research (May 2002) at HK$35,000

Reports, methodologies, and other outcomes from the work of this project team will be delivered first to the clients. Publication of such materials will be embargoed for 12 months, allowing sufficient time for member companies to develop and implement strategies that help them maintain a leading position in the marketplace.