Our Mission

Although many challenges that service-driven companies face seem to insiders very industry-specific, the basic issues are generic. Companies can and should learn from one another.

For this reason Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium Program has been established.

  • This Consortium Program members are made up of leading companies serving different client segments, and delivering service in different formats and settings.
  • Because of this diversity, participants will be stimulated and inspired to revolutionize their service delivering practices.

The objective of this Consortium Program is to find solutions that all member companies can adapt for use in their own business contexts, so that together we may

  • learn faster from the best practices of other companies across industry, and
  • pool resources to innovate where no one has yet found an acceptable solution.

With key industry representations, the Consortium shares a bigger vision for Hong Kong:

  • Elevate the customer service quality in Hong Kong.
  • Make Hong Kong a better place to live and do business.

We achieve this by:

  • re-conceptualizing problems strategically
  • conducting research rigorously
  • presenting findings comprehensibly
  • transfer knowledge effectively