Message from Chairman


Jason Chu
HK Customer Service Consortium

People and the good customer services they provide are Hong Kong's strongest competitive edge.

The Hong Kong Customer Service Consortium Ltd. (HKCSC) is founded with this belief in January 1998 to mobilize government, university, business community and to facilitate the continuous enhancement of customer service in Hong Kong.

With over 80% of GDP contributed by the services sector, the most effective way to rejuvenate Hong Kong's economy and international reputation quickly is to improve our quality of service. Customer service issues in customer service center, technology and management; retention, motivation, training and development of customer service staff; customer loyalty and retention and many others are becoming increasingly important and more so challenging with higher customer demand. That is why many corporations are interested in joining as members in the consortium effort. Their vision, and ours, is to build Hong Kong as a premier service center.

Since its establishment, 18 leading companies from different business sectors have joined as members and are contributing their resources and efforts together with the research team from The University of Hong Kong in partnership with the HKCSC (The Consortium Effort).

We are pooling resources, learning from one another, undertaking scientific research and developing practical business solutions to enhance service quality in Hong Kong.

We will first call on business and professional people and, ultimately, Hong Kong society as a whole, to work together for a common cause: better customer service!

In the near future, we also hope to expand our learning and vision into Mainland China.


We are the first cross industries consortium of leading corporations in Hong Kong focus on customer service. We believe that leading companies in different industries can and should:


We provide a better understanding & continuous enhancement of good customer service in Hong Kong by:

To ensure our success, we are adopting the following approaches critical to achieving our objectives and mission:

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to :

Research Topics and Programs

Working closely with our members, we have identified research directions that meet members' critical business needs, areas where dedicated research efforts and innovations are required to gain knowledge and develop solutions:

Research Topics undertaken by HKU Research Team led by Dr. Harry Hui:

Research Programs undertaken by HKCSC led by Mr. Jason Chu:

Other Services available to our members

Customer Service Management Consulting

Training, Seminars and Conferences on Customer Service Topics

Human Resources Solutions

Marketing Advisory


Mr. Jason Chu Chairman
June 1998