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Chairman's Introduction

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Welcome to the 17th annual International Customer Relationship Excellence Awards (CRE Awards).

The Customer Relationship Excellent (CRE) Awards has recognized many industry leaders and professionals for their customer centric service innovation.  The participants have come from more international cities and business sectors in both corporate and individual categories, all demonstrating their business successes, best practices and leadership on CRE.

In 2018, APCSC celebrated her 20th anniversary in promoting customer relationship excellence in the Asia Pacific region, APCSC is very proud to witness how CRE Awards winners continue to bring new service levels, quality standards and benchmarks to shape the future directions of business practices in making Asia Pacific a better place to live and do business!

The Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) is the fundamental model for CRE Awards judging criteria, the participants have learned greatly from the best practices and world class standards to better prepare for the CRE Awards assessment and benchmarking process.  The CSQS is instrumental in improving customer oriented corporate governance and balanced scorecard managing stakeholders of the award participants and further recognizing the CRE Awards winners.   It is highly recommended that all CRE Awards participating companies attend the Certified Analyst and Auditor (CCSA) global certification program and implement the CSQS to meet and exceed the CRE Awards assessment criteria.

Through the prestigious CRE Awards, Asia Pacific business leaders are able to share experiences and learn from one another amongst the World-Class CRE leaders and achieve the goal of market leadership and gain international recognitions.

On behalf of the Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium, I wish you business success and Customer Relationship Excellence!

Jason Chu

Chairman of Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium


2017 Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) Awards Corporate and Individual Winners Group Photo


International Media Partners and Supporting Organizations:



Employee Engagement Program of the Year 2016 (Insurance)
Best Customer Experience Management of the Year 2016 (Insurance – South Asia)
Contact Center of the Year 2016 (Insurance – Under 200 Seats)
Customer Service Center of the Year 2016 (Insurance)



Manulife (Cambodia) PLC


Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership of the Year 2016 (Insurance – ASEAN)
Customer Engagement Program of the Year 2016 (Insurance)




DHL Express Singapore


Engagement Program of the Year 2016 (Logistics – South Asia)
Global Support Services of the Year 2016 (Logistics – South Asia)
Contact Center of the Year 2016 (Logistics – Under 100 Seats)
Customer Satisfaction Quality System of the Year 2016 (Logistics – ASEAN)
Customer Loyalty Program of the Year 2016 (Logistics)
High Speed Customer Service of the Year 2016 (Logistics)
People Development Program of the Year 2016 (Logistics – South Asia)


2016 Customer Relationship Excellence Winner Statement:

“It is a great honor for AIA Bhd. to receive 4 CRE Awards from Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium. The awards signify our commitment in driving excellent customer experience in the market place. The achievement is not only a recognition to a well-executed strategic plans but also an acknowledgment to our engaged and passionate staffs and the management team who are the backbone of our success. The awards will inspire AIA Bhd to continue scaling to a greater heights and be at the frontier of the industry with its innovative products and service propositions. Thank you APCSC for giving us the opportunity to showcase our stories and celebrate this success.”

Mr. Troy Barnes

Chief Customer Experience Officer

  AIA Bhd.


 “Manulife sets out to help people achieve their dreams and aspirations, which is why we believe we have an important role to play in supporting and uplifting the communities that we are in. As the first international life insurance company to enter Cambodia, just five years ago, we’re proud to be part of such a meaningful awards programme. We’re honoured and humbled to have received two Awards. The first award (Customer Engagement Programme of the Year) represents the tireless efforts of our staff and sales force to help build a better financial future for Cambodian families through our world-class financial protection products and services. The second award (Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership of the Year) represents our continuous commitment to support the local communities through our sponsorship and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, which has been running since 2012. The awards will further encourage us to continue providing financial security to many more Cambodian families; and to invest in the programmes that address broader social needs.”

Mr. Robert Elliott

Chief Executive Officer and General Manager  Manulife (Cambodia) PLC



 “In this age of-demand economy, delighting customers is all about speed and convenience. While automation and artificial intelligence is set to disrupt customer service further, a warm, helpful person offering assistance will become increasingly prized. Being recognized as High Speed Customer Service of the Year, in addition to the other six awards, is a strong affirmation of our focus in delivering top-of-class customer relationship excellence. We will continue to improve efficiency and effectiveness of our customer service support by striking a good balance between use of technology and talent development.”

Mr. Frank-Uwe Ungerer

Senior Vice President & Managing Director

  DHL Express Singapore

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